The Skinny on Healthy Wines

And what it has to do with tomatoes…

Lately, some in the wine industry are aggressively marketing to health-conscious consumers seeking low sugar and low carb wines. They promise no flavor additives, and “keto friendly” products.

We’re scratching our heads.

Since The Village Wine Merchant opened in 2014, we have been offering wines made by small, family producers, artisans who care for the land and make the wine in as natural a manner as possible. The majority of these wines are made with biodynamic, organic, and sustainable methods. By their nature, the natural and “honest" wines that we offer satisfy all the marketing claims mentioned above without the hype. To understand why, it helps to remember a few points:

Honest wines are clean wines. They are not larger, industrially produced brands and labels that spray synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in the field to stimulate and guarantee mass production. Equate it to a carefully tended tomato in your own garden. We’ll bet your tomato hasn’t been blasted with chemicals, since you know you’re going to eat it, and we’ll bet it tastes better than anything you can get in a supermarket.

Honest wines are pure wines. Industrial producers manipulate with chemical additives and techniques to consistently “correct” and “flavor” the wine in the winery. (Would you add flavor, sugar, or coloring to your ripe garden tomato?) On the contrary, honest winemakers rely on their knowledge and the relationship between the earth, climate, grapes, and native yeasts which determines how the wine tastes – there’s no corrective flavoring. The wine is a result of the expression of the place where it’s grown, just like your garden tomato.

Honest wines that are fermented dry have low sugar and carb content. The natural sugars in the grapes have been converted into alcohol and very little to no residual sugar remains. Therefore, they meet "keto friendly" requirements as long as quantity guidelines are followed.

So after you pat yourself on the back for being ahead of the curve, relax, and continue to enjoy wines that are better for you and the planet.

We’re happy to recommend one that pairs well with tomatoes.

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